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Milestone was established in November of 2001 to serve as a local HP reseller in Denver, Colorado. Since then, Milestone has grown into a nationwide solution provider...specializing in both hardware refresh and e-solution development/deployment. Ultimately, our goal has remained the same: to solve customer business problems through the use of technology.

"Relationship Focused. Solution Driven."

The Milestone mission is to establish fantastic relationships with our customers, co-workers and partners and to solve customer problems through the use of technical solutions.

The History

In 2001, Sarah Miles (CEO) joined forces with Mark Postlewate (CFO) to create Milestone Computer Technology, Inc. Both Sarah and Mark had been working for other HP/Compaq distributors that had a hand in reselling many different products from many different manufacturers: the result was mediocre support on a large amount of "solutions". Milestone strived to be different, and focused entirely on selling HP products...really well. The result was significant growth, with Milestone driving close to 70% of all HP public sector business (the core line of business focus at the time) in the Milestone based territories.

By 2008, Milestone was ready for another shirt and hired John Egbert (CSO) to evaluate the customer climate and develop a solutions team to solve problems for the Milestone client base. The result was OLMS: a HP only e-procurement, workflow inclusive cloud solution that is now prevalent in large business accounts nationwide.

Although the continued development of OLMS is Milestone's flagship platform...the Milestone Solutions team has continued to develop problem solving e-software that run the gamet of business category from BI (business intelligence), Asset Management, and C-Level Visibility reporting down to Desktop Refresh Automation. In 2014 (into 2015), Milestone has 2 new solutions that are "in development" in Milestone Labs...while Milestone's hardware sales and technical teams continue to grow in tandem with focuses in the southwest (the Milestone Arizona and New Mexico branches have grown significantly year over year) and the midwest.

Milestone continues to grow signficiantly year over year...we're excited about the future of both our company, our strong partnership with HP, and most importantly, the success of our customers both this year and in the years to come.

Our Locations

Milestone has sales teams located in Arizona, New Mexico, Montana, Wyoming, and our home base of Colorado (HQ). Milestone does a signficant amount of business nationwide, however...and has accounts from Oregon to Florida.

Milestone is licensed and has experience to sell HP products or deploy solutions anywhere in the US.